Why do adult movie stores have to carry a certain amount of regular non-adult movies?

Question by Brian: Why do adult movie stores have to carry a certain amount of regular non-adult movies?
I know in the stores I have been in, there is always a bunch of old crappy regular movies that no one ever goes there and rents. Then there are the adult movies in the back where everyone goes. Why do places like this have to carry the regular movies, can’t they just have nothing but adult movies in their store? Is there a law or regulation regarding this?

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Answer by THRILLKILL666
cause no one enjoys a good porn anymore

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  1. I think it provides some cover for the renters who go there and don't want to be brazen about renting pornos.

  2. Not sure, but maybe it has to do with the name of the store. Like, maybe they don't want to label themselves as an adult videostore, so to get away with calling themselves a plain ol' video store, they carry a couple of regular movies.

  3. In KY, we can no longer mis the two. We used to have "adult sections" in regular movie stores. Now the "adult sections" have all been removed. If you need an adult film, you have to go to an all out adult store (including toys, costumes, etc). Now it's either one or the other - regular movies OR adult movie store.

  4. h.m.d/////////hol my dick**

  5. You never know - sometimes people get bored of jerking off, and just want to watch some old crappy movies until they feel like jerking off again.

    Just because you never stop jerking off, don't assume that noone else does.

  6. I've never heard anything like that before. Maybe they feel they have to have some cheap regular movies because some people who go into adult stores don't realize how much more expensive porn DVD's are compared to regular, OR it's for people who chicken out and feel like they need to buy a "normal" DVD. I don't think it's law. If so that would be weird.

  7. I read a story at baltimoresun.com about a week or so ago directly on topic to this.

    apparently in one town in the area, there have been attempts to get an adult store out of where it is, and zoning laws were created that defined an "adult store" as one that has more then a certain percentage of its inventory b(or floor space)" in "adult" goods.

    this particular story opened up the basement and turned it into a flea market (that no one cares about) and so now its floor space devoted to adult goods (on the first floor as always) is well within the legal boundaries.

    I guess other places have similar zoning regulations.