Where can I find sexy lingerie with great price also good-quality?

Question by maggie: Where can I find sexy lingerie with great price also good-quality?
I want to surprise my boyfriend on Christmas night and want to buy some sexy lingerie. But good ones in store cost very a little much for me. Can you suggest good online lingerie stores that you have used or reputable ones?

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Answer by rubin
Well, I have ordered some pieces from Aimer online. They turned out to be very nice, nice design and comfortable fit. I just checked their facebook page and they are launching an annual sale or something. 50% off is very generous discount!!

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  1. You wanna have a WOW effect on Christmas night, you just need to very a towel. Towel is your best seductive lingerie. And it’s cheap!!

  2. To be honest, I buy my lingerie only in Aimer store here in my town and I never bought stuff from its online store. I suppose it is around Black Friday, probably Aimer will have some discounts online. Also, at this time of year I think those big brands will launch sales campaigns too. I am sure you will find something at good discounted price by searching them online. wish it’s helpful.

  3. You will find the best deals, variety, quality, and sizing available at ATFL. Shipped quickly and discreetly!