where can I find a website showing how home-made sex toys for women?

Question by Mitsuki W: where can I find a website showing how home-made sex toys for women?
I masturbate to to relieve stress. I haven’t been able to have an amazing orgasm for a long time. I am too embarrased to buy a sex toy. I belive, and I hope others belive, too, that masturbation is a normal thing. People use it as a part in their life.

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Answer by Lilac Blossoms
oh, get over it, there are online sex sites that will send it to you in a box with no markings. Those toys are made by experts. I like the little “pocket rocket” for $ 20 or so.

Some girls go to the store and buy a massager…you know a wand with strong spot that massages aching backs…woohoo!!!

Or they take a bath and let the water pour on the magic spot just right.

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  1. i have know idea but when you find one tell me about it

  2. Get a MAN!!!! You can pick one up in most places. They are easy to come by.

  3. Maybe "home-made" is not the best word, but you can use just about anything to masterbate. Just make sure you clean things before and after and are careful about rough and sharp edges.

  4. are you wanting my number is that it? don't tease me girl! just kidding!i agree with you 100% on the stress reliever and mood enhancer. it is the best medicine in the world in my mind along with the love of your life sharing it with you. i would rather have a live mate to take the stress off though not a toy.

  5. Well it really isn't that hard to type homemade sex toys in your search engine. Also just be creative!!