What’s the difference between lesbian sex and just fooling around?

Question by Babz: What’s the difference between lesbian sex and just fooling around?
My girlfriend and I want to find out what the common consensus is for lesbian sex rather than just fooling around. An informal poll of some of our friends has come up with many different answers, and we’d like to see what you think as well. Thanks in advance for your input!

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Answer by Grrrrr!!!!
making out, teasing,dry humping, and cuddling is not considered sex for me.

intercourse(of any kinda haha), oral sex, scissoring, is considered sex.

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  1. If the two of you want to fool around, I would consider you lesbians.

  2. I guess it depends on what your definition of fooling around is. If there are two girls and they have sexual relations- that is lesbian sex in my opinion. If you're not lesbian you just had lesbian sex.

  3. I think that just outside touching is fooling around, but as the first person to answer said, penetration; oral etc would be actual sex. Good question.

  4. Lesbian sex is when you have sex with only qirls and never quys . And foolinq around is what I would do , which is juss messinq around with a qirl and quy but not qoiiinq to far with it .

  5. My definition of lesbian sex (which no-one else has to agree with!) is they both have to be naked and they both have to orgasm. That's as simple as I can put it.
    Penetration isn't necessary, although a lot of (but certainly not all) lesbians do enjoy it with the use of toys.

  6. there are many differences between the two.....anyone can fool around, have sex, make out......anyone can do that whether they are straight or gay....anyone can make out, any one can fool around, anyone can have sex----its just in the way ppl interpret them

  7. Sex involves physical contact with genitalia, which can lead to orgasm but isn't a requirement to define it as sex. Plenty of women 'fake it' but they still had sex.

    Fooling around is the foreplay leading to sex, like making out or massaging one another without touching 'down there'.

    In my opinion, the definitions apply regardless of gender. Whether 2 men, 2 women or a man and a woman... it's the same thing, sex involves the genitalia.