What type of silicone is best for making sex toys?

Question by : What type of silicone is best for making sex toys?
Some people say to use caulk but obviously that’s a bad idea! I’m looking for platinum grade silicone, but it comes in a mind-boggling array of possibilities. What’s best for a sex toy? And where can I get it? I’ve had a hard time finding suppliers, especially ones that will ship small quantities.

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Answer by ABMB
The best type to use is the same medical grade silicone that companies like Rocks Off UK use. This company makes very popular toys like the Rock Chick and Rude Boy. This type of material can be boiled or put in the dishwasher to disinfect as long as all vibrating materials are removed first. It is also nonporous. I would suggest maybe trying to get in contact their US office and seeing if they can give you any info as to the exact type of silicone that they use on their toys. Otherwise, you may have to start out small and find the materials on your own. If you are looking to buy in wholesale, remember that you will need a legitimate business account and such. Most of these companies can be such a pain when all you want to do is just sample their items or in your case, materials. Good Luck!

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