What should I write on my Sex Toy Party invitations?

Question by Bella: What should I write on my Sex Toy Party invitations?
I’m throwing a Sex Toy party at my apartment and I’m not quite sure how I should word the invitations! It’s set up kind of like a Tupperware party, where the lady does a presentation of all the products and then at the end you order what you want. It’ll be a bunch of college age girls that will be at this party.

I don’t want the girls to get too intimidated and not want to go because they’re nervous of sex toys, but I want the description to be exciting and slightly naughty. Any ideas?

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Answer by glambassist@sbcglobal.net
These parties are generally called “suprise” parties, or passion parties. Maybe spin off of that.

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  1. I would word it in the following way,

    Why Not Come and be Adventurous

    Adults Only Fun Filled Fantasies

    Definitely Not for the Faint Hearted

    But come and see for yourselves

    Its Going to Be Fun Fun Fun

    And maybe add from your emotions some smiley or cheeky faces,
    Hope you all have a great time, we all did when i threw mine, and i had a wide range of ages, young and old. Kaye

  2. be daring get red invatitions and mark them with xxx on the front and on the inside write come if u dare,for adults only then put the time and place
    and if this doesnt work ask the host what to do im sure many people have asked her for advice and told her what they did,,

  3. Great question! I'm a Qualified Passion Parties Consultant so I throw parties like this all the time ( http://www.Passion8Girl.com ).
    I'm assuming you don't want to do an e-vite online. They have some really cool sexy backgrounds that set the tone you want for your party.
    If you're sending something in the postal mail then I recommend using cards or designing an invitation that has a sexy background (lips, made-up eyes, a couple kissing, hearts, a woman licking a popsicle)... be creative. If you use a sexy image with your invitation, then the text doesn't have to be as explicit and flat out say SEX TOY PARTY! lol. Instead, it can say something like:

    To My Naughty Hotties,

    This Saturday I'm throwing a Girl's Night IN!
    We'll have drinks, we'll talk love lives, and I've invited my friend, Sarah to give us a little tasteful sexual education, courtesy of Passion Parties. Trust me, there's nothing like getting together to vent (or perhaps brag) about our love lives while learning about how to really spice up the bedroom fun at home! Don't worry if you're shy, we'll have plenty of mild to go with the wild and there wont be any pressure to participate in any of the party games or tasteful demonstrations.

    I'm looking forward to seeing all you lovely ladies,