What is the best brand of cheap vibrators?

Question by : What is the best brand of cheap vibrators?
I live in Nevada and Am having trouble finding a place where there a good quality vibrators for cheap. Does anyone know the cheapest brand of vibrators that I can buy in Nevada?

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you got fingers?

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  1. Here is my most popular selling vibrator that my customers are very happy with! It is a lower cost vibrator because it is not waterproof. It ships plain packaging!

    Jelly Osaki
    Caution! This kind of dual action is very addictive. Enjoy double pleasure as the vibrating shaft rotates deep inside and the exquisite tongue teases your clitoris. You control each feature and your orgasm. 8" length, 1 3/8" diameter. Three AA batteries required.

  2. Have you ever thought of using mail order. I really like this site www.christiesfuntoys.com. Cheap does not mean good. My favorites are the Rabbit or the Turtle (don't be fooled by the name). Since you are looking for cheap this one is less then $ 15, waterproof and wireless http://www.christiesfuntoys.com/prod_info.php?a=4498-5797&pnum=CNVXR-TC101.