What do you say to your man when he tells you he’d rather not see you in that outfit?

Question by Married: What do you say to your man when he tells you he’d rather not see you in that outfit?
OOOH YEEAH! I got me some hot leather lingerie so I can look like a dominatrix. Only problem is that I’m at least 200lbs. I figure that’s okay because I’m married and my husband loves whats on the inside, not just my sexy exterior.

Besides its more cushion for the pushin.

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Answer by Hez
Just wear it when you’re cleaning the house and get something else for him.

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  1. If my husband ever said he didn't like an outfit on me, it would be in a tongue in cheek request for me to get naked.

  2. Your husband has made it clear that your choice of this outfit is not to his liking. It may bring up bad memories or painful experiences that he does not want to relive. It certainly does not excite him to see you in this way. It is time to wear it for your own enjoyment when he is not at home or likely to see you.

    How much did you weigh when you got married? He loved the size of the girl you were at that time. Were you also a closet dominatrix at that time? Maybe there are other changes in you that he would also rather not see?

  3. I was thinking of Rosie O'Donnell in the movie "Exit to Eden" dressed as a dominatrix and my then boyfriend swore he went blind! Maybe he got scared! Wear it when you want to make him do chores around the house and want it done NOW! Get a riding crop to accessorize it! Have fun! Post a pic for us!

  4. If after seeing you in it--he wants you to take it off--oblige him. That's the whole point isn't it?

  5. You gotta take it off right now girl (He's just droppin' seksi hints!) & it don't matter if you're in the supermarket when he says that about an outfit either, just do it.
    Be bold!
    After all, all he's askin' is for the attitude to match the outfit, sorta like the carpet and drapes.
    Guys are just insecure that they lose a couple inches on the cushion for the pushin', so all you need to do on this small issue is assuage his wee willy ego. Say something nice to it.
    And don't forget to holler, "OOOH YEEAH!" Cuz he loves you for who you are.

  6. Well at least he is being honest with you. Thats a plus.

  7. you take it off and show your coochie then walk out in the street and let the neighbors see what he just rejected.

    make him jealous a bit it works wonders...