What are good websites (that you’ve used) for buying “adult toys”?

Question by badgirl89: What are good websites (that you’ve used) for buying “adult toys”?
I’m looking for a reputable website or 2 or 5 or whatever that I can buy many different kinds of quality “adult toys” geared towards women. Descret shipping, low prices and being in the US would be a plus.

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Answer by arlyon06
I would try Adam&Eve.

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  1. I've always used Adam and Eve.

  2. If I was you I would go to a SEX toy store because you can see what your buying before you buy it..... Like the actual size of the toy if you catch my drift. LOL

  3. My dad has the cheapest sex store online that I have ever seen online, and I have looked around quite a bit (and I am not just saying this, besides, if it was not the cheapest, I would not buy stuff from his store!) It is www.dear-lady.com and it has a really really big variety of things to choose from. Good luck! And fyi the SUPER BIG SALE! thing on the site is always there, I guess it is a marketing gimmick. They have dildos starting at $ 7 (pretty damn cheap for a good quality dildo) and vibrators for $ 4. Good stuff.

  4. Drugstore.com has a toy selection :D

  5. We buy our toys from Adult-toy-superstore.com. The have access to products from all the major vendors and have some great specials in their newsletter