What are girls to the Japanese people?

Question by : What are girls to the Japanese people?
Okay, Anime girls this Anime girls that….
Hentai, Porn, Maid Cafes, And so on……

Are the japanese girls just sex toys to the japanese males?

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Answer by Moon_Prince007
Basically, yeah. The japanese society is still a male dominant society and so the women are just there to be there. Cook, clean, take care of kids…and what not.

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  1. yes

  2. Japanese men are obsessed with kinky sex. They sell used panties in vending machines for christ's sake. Just check out the asian porn section @ http://www.pornatorium.com and you'll see what I mean.

  3. i think u r watching too much anime.

    it´s same thing, if i see high school musical.
    and say every american like dancing like that.

  4. You're looking at a single snapshot of an aspect of a culture and judging the entire social attitude towards women by it? America has all those things too, and is a huge consumer of japanese pornograpgy on top of it's own sex industry. Does sexuality automatically equate to degrading women? Is your mother a anti-sex feminazi hag or what? There's more to japan than a few sexual fetishes, just like any other nation.

    Narrow minded ignorant twirp.