Q&A: Who can you trust online to buy adult sex toys from an online adult sex toy store?

Question by Paula R.: Who can you trust online to buy adult sex toys from an online adult sex toy store?
I am looking to purchase a rabbit vibrator sex toy discreetly and reasonably priced. I heard some can cost almost $ 100. ouch! I know there’s thousands of adult toy sites. I want a company who is free from viruses, pop up, most importantly can ship the adult sex toys discreetly with a great selection.I need an adult toy store leader?

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Answer by joedively
Hi Paula
I would suggest http://pleasurevibez.com/ They have all kinds of sex toys including that rabbit vibrator. My girlfriend especially enjoys the Trinity Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator at http://pleasurevibez.com/prod_info.php?a=adultsextoysvibratorsanalsextoys&pnum=CNVXR-TC101

Hope this helps

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  1. This site is affiliate from the store leader.
    Please check:


  2. I live in Vancouver, and my favourite place to buy sex toys is sextoyscanada.com. This might not be the place if you live elsewhere, but I have bought maany things from there... IF ya know what I mean. ;) I know they have the 'Rabbit' vibrator but I don't know what you mean by 'reasonably priced'. I've only bought toys from there, so I don't exactly know the other prices. But give it a look-see.

    Best of luck!

  3. http://www.xxx-adultstore.com/sex1.html

    A really good site with a HUGE selection...cheaper that most sites as well.