Q&A: Where can I get quality lingerie for a woman size 38C?

Question by hockeyscott76: Where can I get quality lingerie for a woman size 38C?
I want Victorias Secret quality but they do not have teddies, etc. for women over 36C. I am willing to pay money for high quality and do not want to buy cheap adult toy store junk…I live in the Denver, CO area but I am guessing I will have to find this online?

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Answer by ClicketyClack
Any large department store like Macy’s or Nordstroms will have the size you want. It is a pretty normal size, actually.

Victoria’s Secret sells teddies that will fit up to a 45 inch bust. The problem with teddies is that the hip area will increase in size along with the bust size. You should stick to bras and panties if you have a 38C bust and small hips. Or try a store like Frederick’s of Hollywood online.

Below is a link to the Victoria’s Secret bras in a size 38 and they all come in the C cup. There are 5 pages of them so have fun shopping!! : )

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  1. Lover's Lane has some really good quality lingerie pieces. And although Lover's Lane is also an adult toy store, I guarantee you it is NOT junk. I have many pieces from them and I have NEVER had a problem. Here is a teddy I just picked up the other day that I thought was incredibly sexy. Check it out! :)


    and here's the one my best friend picked up, she looked AMAZING in it!!!


    Hope this helped! :)

  2. I would check out this place. They have a great selection of teddies for women:


    Have fun! Hope this helps...

  3. I have used Sexy Clothes Cafe for years. Good quality and service always. Look on the sale page for great prices. Boyfriend got me this 2 weeks ago from their web site. http://www.wickedtemptations.com/u3052j1.html Good luck. Jimmie http://www.sexy-clothes-cafe.com/sexybabydolls.html