Q&A: What is a good sex toy for beginners?

Question by Lena: What is a good sex toy for beginners?
I’m a fourteen year old female and was looking to get one. My lesbian girlfriend who is 18 said she would get it for me. I’m not experienced with this kind of thing and I never really touch myself down there. So what sex toy should I get?
Also I’m putting this in the GBLT section because I don’t want to put it in games and recreation.

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Answer by Xoxin
you can also put this in women’s health

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  1. Just don't get one...

  2. Dildo, whip. I not know.

  3. A small, well-made vibrator is the best choice if you are only getting one.
    Easy to use, feels great (according to just about every woman I've talked to) and inexpensive.