Q&A: What are some good ways for a girl to masterbate?

Question by ????? wait, what ?????: What are some good ways for a girl to masterbate?
i’ve tryed an electric tooth brush, and a shower head….but nither of them work for me….what are some good ways to masterbate WITHOUT sex toys cause i’m not old enough to go into an adult store…!

P.S. a coupple of days ago i was masterbating and lets just say that i made my bed wet….did i have an orgasm?

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Answer by Shine Cloud
The correct spelling is masturbate.
You could use your fingers.

If you had an orgasm your heart would have started beating faster, your breath would have thickened, muscles over your body would have tightened, your clitoris may have swelled slightly, you would have had strong vaginal contractions and you would have felt pleasure.

If you don’t think you experienced these feelings it means that the wet patch on your bed was from your vagina being aroused and self lubricated which has gone onto your sheets.

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  1. Yea i have done the same. Nothing really for me but i Use my fingers. I do not go inside my self but i rub my Clit.(feels weird saying clit) hehe. any ways i rub slowly then fast then slow and i have an orgasm.

    I havent done this but people say use a brush handle or something long enough to enter your self.

  2. ooookkk
    if u have a boy dog use his dick lol
    ive heard of that believe me
    or a horse
    or your fingers
    or your brother jkjkjkjkjk
    or a marker
    or something