Q&A: Is using sex toys a sin and is my libido too high?

Question by *: Is using sex toys a sin and is my libido too high?
I’m a virgin and I want to start using sex toys. Nothing extreme though. Maybe just “the rabbit” and the “silver bullet”. If you don’t know what they are, look them up, they seem to be AWESOME! I do know that me watching porn and lusting is a sin, but I’m 22 AND I NEED SOMETHING!!!! So, will adding in sex toys make it worse?

Also, is it normal for me to be horny EVERYDAY! I need something to bring my libido down lol!!

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Answer by Ginny Potter
pop your cherry, it’ll make everything better, I swear.

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  1. the bible states that cutting your hair, talking to women while they're on their periods, and having sexual dreams are all sins. The latter you obviously have no control over and the previous two don't even make sense.

    I gave up trying to rationalize the things I couldn't control in the name of "sin" long ago....