Q&A: Can adult movies give one bad dreams?

Question by Eddie Cacciatore, Private Eye: Can adult movies give one bad dreams?
My spouse has been less available lately, so, even though I know I shouldn’t, I’ve been watching some free adult-themed movies on a popular web site at night before going to bed this past week. I’ve noticed I have wild and somewhat disturbing dreams after.

It could be the movies, or that the Yankee games have been going so late with all the rain delays lately, and they keep losing at the end.

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Answer by “Arkie Mom”
Good morning sunshine, just wipe the sleep from your eyes!

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  1. In point of fact yes.

    There is no such thing as a free ride; non-violent porn is in fact often a rape, taped and displayed for the purposes of making the mob a better place to work, by proving how easy it is to ruin a cop, whist getting paid for it.

    How do I know? I was a cop; they raped me, taped it, and put it on the internet.

    Why? Because they can, we can't and one never works again to burn another feild, or stop another cocaine shipment in the anti-narchotics business. And, for them the best part is they can then show potential recruits directly "who is in charge".

    Cause they run the courts around by their pornographic nosering. And the Cowed courts trample any cowboy cop they want burried under hoof.

    Furthermore there is no effective means of limiting hypnotic sugestion "flashes" on what is essentially often an illiegal medium. They could in fact be telling you to hate yourself if you won't give them money ~ or hypnotically flashing messages faster than you can read that they might hurt your family if you don't buy the not free porn they offer.

    And they might try to do this anyway. Its relatively easy to mine computers online and steal your personal data and veiwing history / payment history.

    porn and prostitution is about 5.11 trillion dollar business in the USA (about tied with dope) I extrapolate from 1980 data (that last bunch of data I believe in). That out guns most police departments.

  2. You may feel guilty...which could be disturbing your sleep. You said "even though I know I shouldn't" which implies you think you are doing the wrong thing. Feelings of guilt of fear of hurting your spouse could definitely be a factor in your wild dreams. Hope I helped. :)

  3. It depends what you would consider a bad dream. I love porn and only have good dreams.

    Now mix the two facts together, if the guy is beating her with a bat in your dreams....that's a bad dream....

  4. WADE H is unhinged.

    Pornography, like actual sex, stimulates endorphin-releasing portions of your brain. While the experience is positive during viewing, you may be having trouble sleeping (or sleeping soundly) because you are not used to level of pre-sleep stimulation. You may wish to cut back on your late evening porn intake. Personally, I would recomend watching more porn on a regular basis to build up a tolerance to the increased endorphin levels.

  5. This is normal . Don't worry from it .