Q&A: Bought sexy lingerie for my boyfriend but I’m kind of embarassed to wear it?

Question by Blondie13: Bought sexy lingerie for my boyfriend but I’m kind of embarassed to wear it?
My boyfriend has been gone for a week and I bought sexy lingerie as a surprise for when he comes back. However I am scared i will look silly if I surprise him in it. Do you think he would like it or laugh at me?

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Answer by Last Wolv
A real man would like it. Only immature boys would laugh at that.

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  1. He's going to love it. Absolutely NO way he won't, just be confident!

  2. He'll definitely enjoy it! ;)

  3. Well you bought it for this occasion so you must as well use it! But remember, if he really loves you, even if you were wearing a giant hot dog suit, he would still find you cute & beautiful - so it doesn't REALLY matter. But as a surprise, it sounds like a brilliant idea! Don't be scared! Go for it!

  4. Men love to see their women in lingerie. He wont laugh at u. If he does, well then he doesnt deserve that. I am sure, he ll love it and will be all over you.

  5. Any man who'd laugh at you, in lingerie, shouldn't be your boyfriend. What you don't want to do, is wear anything, you're not comfortable wearing. This isn't just about turning him on. This is about you feeling beautiful, and sexy. This is about you confidently displaying your sensuality. Not just your sexuality, but your sensuality. If you don't feel very sensuality in it, then it's probably not right, for your body-type or skin tone.

    Lingerie is not supposed to be practical. This isn't really underwear. Think of yourself as a gift, or a work-of-art, and lingerie is the pretty wrapping paper or the frame. Men are very visual and very tactile. Lingerie appeals to both of those senses. Lingerie draws the eyes focus to key areas of your body, that you want to frame, and highlight. If its not a good fit for your body-type, or the colour doesn't work with your skin-tone, then its not doing its job. Decide what parts of your body you want to present. What do you want him to unwrap? Then find lingerie that does what you want it to.

    The fact is, what turns men on the most, is when a woman confidently wears lingerie. He doesn't want to see you awkwardly wear lingerie. He doesn't want to see you critisize yourself, while wearing lingerie. He doesn't want to hear you complain about it pinching or not being able to breath. If you really don't like it, then don't wear it. What he wants, is for you to feel beautiful and behave with confidence. What he wants, is for you to be the primary focus. Lingerie is cute, but its not the present. You're the present. No one says, oh, I love this wrapping paper, what a great gift, thank you. No, they open that wrapping paper. No one says I don't care about the painting, I just love the frame. Most people probably couldn't even tell you what the frame looked like, after seeing it.

    If you think its sexy, and if you feel sexy in it, then he'll be turned-on. Chances are, it wont stay-on very long anyway. That's kinda the whole point of lingerie; it comes off.

    Best of luck in life and love. :-)