Q&A: Anyone know any cheap but sexy lingerie stores?

Question by T o s h: Anyone know any cheap but sexy lingerie stores?
I usually go to Victoria’s Secret, but $ 60-$ 100 for a bra is a bit much. Where do you girls shop for sexy lingerie. I am a huge fan of lace and bright colors. Also lacey panties.

The cheap stores like Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe carry some lingerie but its all very bad quality, even though its cheap.

I want something that’ll last and keep money in my pocket. Any ideas? Hopefully popular stores.

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Answer by Cheyenne
Rue 21, Hot Topic, Wet Seal, Express, and Spencer’s

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  1. Honestly, if you want quality you have to go expensive. Personally though, I love buying panties and stuff at places like charolette rousse! Then, every couple months you get to throw them out and have a whole new lingerie wardrobe! :) check out rue 21 too. They have really cute stuff!

  2. i've gotten some lingerie here... reasonable prices, just look under the "sexy wear" catagory

  3. I would recommend Anthropology, its a great store.

  4. http://mjrsales.com They have the exact stuff you want (vs) but WAY cheaper.

  5. I buy a lot of panties from the discount bin at all the stores like macys, target or sears. they've held up pretty well.

  6. There are many online store wherein you will find quality lingerie, some of them are