Q&A: Any good ways to get sex toys? Should I even get any?

Question by : Any good ways to get sex toys? Should I even get any?
I’m 14 and I want to experiment with sex toys. The thing is is that I live in a really small town with zero sex toy shops. I don’t really have any older friends that could get me any. My mom would say no and that would be awkward. I have a school computer where they can see anything & everything that you have been on. So I can’t use online sources. Technically I shouldn’t be writing this lol but whatever. Anyways what should I do?

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Answer by Erin
Well, I’d say since there’s pretty much no way to get them then, don’t get them at all.

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  1. Don't get them since you clearly don't have the resources to get them.

  2. the only way to do it is order it on line adamandeve.com is a good place to start

  3. go to Spencers in the mall, they sell "personal massagers" which are vibrators and I saw some in Walgreen's last night also. Since they are technically just massagers so you dont have to be 18 to buy them.

  4. If you really want sex toys then just get them...
    get them at Wal-Mart! They're carrying them there now. Or just use your fingers!

  5. Well since you have pretty much said that you can't get one, you should just forgot about them for right now.

  6. Just get a guy to be your toy. Don't need a store or internet for that ;)

  7. Just forget about them and get nifty with your fingers. When you have sex you will then be able to clearly show your guy what pleases you and therefore your sex life will get off to a flying start. If you become reliant on orgasming with a sex toy then you can find it hard to manage with just your partners hands, mouth, penis. Result - one frustrated you and one guy feeling inadequate. If you're just 14 spend your time learning how to orgasm by touching your own body - learn about clitoral, vaginal, g spot orgasms and how to give yourself them. Leave the toys till you are older.

  8. start with something small if you want anything for insertion. best bet is to get something to stimulate your clit. You don't have a computer at your house? you can delete browsing history and ask another question so people can answer how to erase it further. you can use a friends computer too (but be careful). Maybe you can even access it at a library if you use a proxy. i don't use proxies but my bf does. here`s a list of sites idk if they're virus free tho http://www.proxysites.net/. you usually need a PayPal account or debt/credit card tho. see if you can get a debt or credit card at your bank, or see if you can use a friend and give her cash in return. have it sent to a friends house if possible or you can get a po box, cause you really don't want Vibro2000 appearing on your doorstep before you get home from school and having your mom see it.
    OR do a Google maps search for sex toy shops around you (surrounding towns etc) and have someone 18 buy it(be careful about who you trust, no one you meet online). you can usually check out store inventory online if they have a website.
    OR you can do at home kind of stuff. experiment but be careful what you stick in there..there's been some pretty messy stories. vibrating massagers can be used as clit vibrators, sonicare toothbrushes too sometimes, dont for the love of god use anything wooden or sharp!! use commmon sense, maybe do a search for household sex toys

    Spencers and Walgreens is a great idea too!! (thanks Michelle)

  9. Get one.

    it's better that then having some guy give you herpes.

    Go to a mall..and yeah Spencers works

    *you can use your phone

  10. dear no way for you. but you can use everything from vegetables to hairbrushes to bottles and everything in between.

  11. Im assuming you do have a phone

    Find out telephone number of any sex toy shop near by in another town...

    Call them and order sex toy... i think they can deliver at your home for free or for some charge.

  12. ummm idk you can always try an toothbrush, just make sure nobody else uses it afterward that would be gross lol

    hope i helped