Is there sexy lingerie for people with DD breasts?

Question by Reila: Is there sexy lingerie for people with DD breasts?
I’m severely frustrated and I always have a problem with getting anything to fit thanks to my stupid boobs. I even consider breast reduction because I hate them so so so much. I want to buy sexy lingerie but all I ever see is for average sized boobs and I am so frustrated because for once I’d like to dress sexy for my boyfriend but it’s near impossible for me.

Does anyone know of a site or any ideas please? Thank you.

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Answer by Karas37
There are things you can wear though you don’t have to reduce them….a flat and small chest can be unappealing…

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  1. I am going to need a picture please!

  2. Why would you reduce them? You should be proud, most girls would kill for boobs like that.

  3. I understand how you feel because I am a size D and I have a very small and short body so it is really noticeable , but I don't think surgery is the way to go. I found one site that has really cute bras and the smallest size they have is D

    go to this site:

  4. yea

  5. Your clothes should fit your body not the other way round. A lot of busty women have the same issues as you. You can either buy clothes that fit your boobs and have them taken in.

  6. Yes go to this link

  7. Hey,

    First things first - you're not excessively large and you have a fantastic figure, so try not to be so down on yourself! :) I completely understand that shopping can be frustrating, but it should be fun - just take your time, keep smiling, experiment and enjoy! If something looks wrong, laugh, don't get stressed - there's a world of stuff out there that's going to look a thousand times better on you than on a girl with no curves, I promise you!

    As for bras, actually you're still small enough that many regular high street stores will carry your size in a range of styles, even places like New Look and Next (in the UK - if you're not here, sorry!) will carry them, as will M&S, Debenhams and others. Beyond that try - they have a huge range in larger sizes.

    Finally, if part of your reason for doing this is for your boyfriend (lucky guy!), remember that if guys had their way bras would not exist at all, so if you really want to float his boat find yourself tops/dresses with fancy backs, halter necks, any of the styles that mean you can't wear a bra, and be brave (I know I know - okay, be very brave!) - you CAN do it and you'll make his knees wobble, you'll look amazing. Oh, and time without a bra also helps minimise the risk of sagging, so you'll be doing your figure a favour while you're at it. :)

    Bottom line - smile, relax, and enjoy what you have.

  8. DD is my darling's favorite size!
    Try mother wear! They do a range of clothes for nursing mothers that look good and fit larger breasts!
    Don't be so down on your gifts, I'm sure your boyfriend appreciates them too!

  9. I wish I was a DD. Mine are much bigger! I guess I had to just accept that I have big boobs and I will always have them, so I buy clothes and lingerie that flatter my shape and the confidence that gives me makes me forget that it's such a pain having big boobs!

    I have bought lingerie at Cuddles and Curves and their size XL fits a D cup. Their plus sizes fit a D/DD cup. They have soft cup styles which I find fit me better than the underwired ones. I usually buy things that are only fitted in the bust area and are loose in other areas, so I feel comfortable. Good luck :)

  10. Please don't hate your self! DD is the best!
    You sound perfect to me!
    Anything you wear that shows them off is ok by me!

  11. you are very lucky that you have dd breasts!!