I was an ad for an adult movie. How is it not copyright infringement?

Question by joseph c: I was an ad for an adult movie. How is it not copyright infringement?
I saw an ad for an adult movie based on scooby doo and than the flintstones. I was wondering how there are no lawsuits from Warner brothers on these two movies when they are clearly based on the concepts they own. I see the word parody thrown around but the way these two movies make it look like is add the word parody to something and your free from breaking the law. Can anyone explain this to me?

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Answer by scott b
You can’t copyright an idea. All they can do is TRADEMARK the names “scooby doo” and “flintstones”. So you can’t use those names. So, if you called someone “scooby poo” that isn’t a violation because though it’s similar and “based on it”, it’s not using the actual NAME.

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  1. This article explains it well


  2. Most likely Warner Brothers would not want to suffer the embarrassment of it being known that they have employees who visit porn sites. That may cost the company more in terms of image than it would to pursue a copyright infringement case against a company like that.

  3. Actually, the right to "parody" or "caricature" someone or something IS a protected right. About all you need to do is state "based on characters created by . . . ." in your credits, and you can do just about anythign UNTIL SOMEONE COMPLAINS.

  4. Parody is protected under the First Amendment.

    See the US Supreme Court decision in Hustler Magazine, Inc. v. Falwell, 485 U.S. 46 (1988).