I want to take sexy pictures for my boyfriend?

Question by Victoria: I want to take sexy pictures for my boyfriend?
I always wanted to be either a photographer, or model, and I was thinking about giving my boyfriend some cute sexy pictures of me (clothes on (sexy lingerie) and off) Although, I thought it might be a little sluttish. But I think I probably will, I was just wondering how I should pose. I want to give him something very erotic.
Just so you guys know, we’ve already had sex and I can trust him with them…

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Answer by Mary F
Talk to Vanessa Hudgens

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  1. I wnt to do the same thing. Can you give me sm pointers and imfo

  2. Look in books for poseses or on line there are many but make sure u are confotable in the poseses bc he may want u to do it agian for him but like in bed But there are many ways to pose just make sure that you can trust him with the pics bc putting them online is easy hope it helped

  3. I wouldn't do that if i was you their have been many cases going around lately of all this chicks that took naked picsof them selves and their boyfreind turns around and starts posting them all over the internet. If you want to risk being one of those chicks then take naked pics of yourself for your so called honey. I mean they have so many sex tapes of celebs that wher just trying to get down and freaky with their bfs and little do they know their bfs are videotaping thing I would imagine that being quite ambarrasing.

  4. laying on the bed, arms up(like behind ur head/ by ur face) looking sexy in to the camera =]

    i use to do it for my bf..

    make sure u been with him long and trust him!

  5. tease him. like slowly take em off and then WHAM!

  6. I always wanted to do this too. I had the idea that since my boyfriend at the time was in the marines that i could take some of the pictures wearing his military camo doing a sexy pose...try incorporating him into the pictures like if he's a contruction worker wear a construction outfit, or say he's a cop wear nothing but the cop hat..idk thats just my idea...just make sure you dont look slutty make them classy.

  7. dont do it....what about if he breaks up with you or gets mad....he might decide to send it to people you know/post it on myspace or something....how about just giving him a pair of your sexy underwear he likes or something like that instead?

  8. laying on your side, legs crossed, hands behind your head
    standing, leaning slightly forward, arms wrapped around middle or breasts
    on knees, bent forward, reaching out with one hand

    It can help to have lips slightly parted or pouting
    hope it works out!

  9. umm i dont think you should do this. because "if" something happens in your relationship later he might get mad at you and post the pictures or show someone. Or threaten you with them.

  10. Ok.. here are some suggestions... your cover photo shouldn't show to much so that he wants to open it and still gets excited by the first picture... so you put on some lingerie and lay on a table and cross your legs like they do on them model pics.. ya know... but your hand holding your head and your legs kinda cross while laying on a table... now to decorate the table you wanna put some a container of whip cream and what ever else you think could go with ice cream.. examples sprinkles.. hot fudge.. hot caramel.. m&ms.. cookie dough.
    Now the next picture should be a little bit more seductive... lower one of the straps on the lingerie outif as though you were taking it off... then sit wit your legs wide open and pretend to blow a kiss!!! perfect you may even wanna add little hearts to the photo...
    with the next one you wanna show a little cleavage so put on a bra and panties and make sure the bra shows alot!!!! and pose on a poll or laying on a chair... or put your hand on one knee and then lean forward and put your other hand on your hips so that he can see your breast because your chest will be showing .
    Next photo you should lower your panties to one side and put your hand on your hips.. opposite side of the lowered pantie... and then lean to the side your hand is on.... hen contine those poses and you should be good... slowly take your closthes off