I want to purchase a sex toy for men… I am 16 years old and still live my parents?

Question by 123456789: I want to purchase a sex toy for men… I am 16 years old and still live my parents?
I dont want my parents to find out. Is there any stores in toronto ontario that sell male sex toys.

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Answer by martin
it’s called amazon.com

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  1. its easy!

    step 1: get a visa debit card with cash loaded on it.

    step 2: Go to a reputable website, most websites offer discreet shipping and billing for such an item, so your privacy is assured.

    step 3. Get the tracking number once you order it from the site, and plan your schedule around the delivery date, maybe order a few days before your parents leave for town, or on days you know they are gonna be gone , especially in the afternoon/early evening (damn USPS and UPS take forever for the most prized possessions!).

    step 4. seize the package from the postal man/box before anyone has a chance to get to it (the package itself should be non-descript (unless it went through customs, so order in USA just to be safe) but if opened, anyone could see whats inside.

    step 5. Run, hide, do what ever it takes to stealthy hide said parcel till its safe to take it out of hiding.

    step 6. Enjoy your new toy, be sure you hide in an unsuspecting place (your room, under the bed, or shoe box, what ever, you can be creative).

    step 7. you should checkout fleshlight.com for a good selection of toys that are totally worth the investment, you won't regret getting one.

  2. No, you have to be 18 to go into those stores.

    You can buy them online, but it'll show up on your parents' credit card.

  3. I think there is something seriously wrong with you guys