How do you perceive men who use sex toys?

Question by frostyismad: How do you perceive men who use sex toys?
I was wondering what the majority of women think about men who use sex toys?

There are numerous sex toys available for women, and their use is generally considered as acceptable, but it almost seems taboo for men.

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Answer by Alana T
I think it is taboo becasue the majority of male sex toys are for anal stimulation which many consider to be wrong.I think if a man is comfortable enough with his sexuality and uninhibited enough to try something other then then the norm the hooray for him. I don’t think anyone should be afraid of their sexuality being that is part of the very nature of life. If more people were comfortable with their sexuality, there would be alot less stress about it in the world.

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  1. There's no reason for men not to enjoy sex toys as much as women. The taboo is only in the minds of the inividuals.
    The should be considered very acceptable and normal.

  2. Sex toys can work wonders in the bedroom. I don't know how old you are, but after years of the same old thing, a change can be good for the man and woman. Get a catalog online, have it laying around the house so your man can see it, see his reaction. Then say maybe we should try one of these for me and how about this for you. Just try it , what can it hurt, you never know, he might enjoy it. Try new things, spice up your sex life, before one of you gets bored with it and cheating starts.

  3. I believe what people do in their bedroom, in the kitchen or on the roof is none of my business. A toy is a toy and should be no one's concern but the person using it.

    If a toy is what a man wants then he should knock himself out getting to the toy store and enjoy what he purchases for as long as he desires.

    *high five* guys with the balls to go get their own toys !!!

  4. In my opinion they are corrupting themselves and eliminating their future ability to be satisfied with "normal" sex.

  5. I have never had a sex toy...
    Complain that I was out late
    Have a headache
    Not work one week out of the month
    Eat dinner with my money
    Complain about my friends
    Run up my phone bill and electric bill
    Sleep with my friends
    Or refuse me when I am in the mood.

    Sounds like women could be an endangered species. Oh, for the ultimate, how about

  6. If you're talking about a blowup doll, then I think it's creepy. But it's you're talking about small handheld toys... finally! A man who is comfortable enough with himself to bring another phallus into the room! It's about time!

  7. Sorry but, among men women are considered sex toys.

    That is not in a degrading manner of course.

    It is just that, women are much more fun to play with then the artificial sex toys and much more enjoyable.

    Soft, cuddly and very warm to.

  8. i guess it would depend on what kind of toys he was using? if it was something anal it would probably turn me off but if it was something to stimulate his penis then i would be ok with it. my husband and i use toys sometimes and i have used them on him i see nothing wrong with it.. but then some people think that masterbating is taboo..

  9. my husband and I personally love them! they make sex fun and exploratory for both of us! I think a lot of men are wary of using toys because it "seems" they aren't enough for the woman which is total crap! and some toys work and some don't but it is fun to switch everything up!

  10. Courageous. It took me awhile to get my hubby to use one. We each have our own, and then a third we use together! It adds to the fun. However, as someone else said, the blow-up doll thing is creepy!!