How do you make a bootable windows 2000 dvd?

Question by timsedlmeierps2: How do you make a bootable windows 2000 dvd?
I have a folder with all of the versions of windows 2000, already setup to make a multiboot windows 2000 dvd. i’ve tried burning it to a dvd before, but i got the error message saying that it couldn’t find the cd rom file system or something along those lines. i got the same error when i tried burning windows vista to a dvd and make it bootable. does anyone know how to do this?

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Answer by Colanth
You have to make a bootable image file (.iso) then burn that to the disk as an image (not as a file). Look at – there are dozens of tutorials.

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  1. its complicated for some reason. i was able to make a multiboot cd once and ever since it never worked but i gave up after wasting two cds also. anyways what program are you using? just make sure they are in the format .iso then load boot image and burn. if its saying not a cd image file what format is it in when it says that. what format did you start with better yet? more specifics and i could help better. but overall it needs to be xxx.iso in order to be bootable. you may want to look into just mounting to a virtual drive, much easier.