How do I get my wife to want to wear sexy lingerie?

Question by Cop: How do I get my wife to want to wear sexy lingerie?
My wife does not wear sexy lingerie. Is there anything I can do to help her get over this, or is it a lost cause. I’m just looking for her to wear it for us, not all the time. She looks extremely hot the few times she did wear them for me.

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Answer by genetically-modified Monkey
Drug her. Dress her up.

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  1. Say that you think she'd look good in a certain lingerie...

  2. gift her..... its simple......

  3. BUY IT FOR HER!!!!

  4. Let her know how much you like a certain pair or how you'd like to be romantic on a special night. Good luck :)

  5. Buy her your favorite kind, and tell her how hot she looks in it, and how much you like it! (:

  6. boil wash her underwear by 'accident' so they shrink then your obviously gonna have to get her some more new sets. this time sexier replacements in order

    or you could just ask her!! xx

  7. Get her some that's sexy but not skanky for Valentine's Day. But get her some flowers, too. Then tell her how great she would look in it and to see her in the lingerie would be the greatest Valentine's gift she could give you.

    That will work but the key is that you need to be really sweet to her all day before you give her the gift. Fix coffee or a drink for her and bring it to her. Give her little kisses on the forehead or back of the neck throughout the day. That kind of thing. It works. Try it and good luck!! : }

  8. Probably the first answer is your best bet. Unless she's an exceptional girl (then she'd already be wearing it) she won't appreciate being told what to do. If you buy it for her she will be passive aggressive and never wear it and brew over it for weeks and come up with the conclusion that you don't love her or you have some problem or something. Any of the other suggestions will probably end up in a fight. Here's what works: Wait till she's a little tore up from having 3 kids and she's overweight and past her prime, she'll try to flirt with other guys and they won't be interested and she'll want some attention at home finally and she'll wear all the lingerie she can find and you won't really want to see it. But it's not all bad.