How do I get an amazing and mind blowing orgasm?

Question by Ambers_Ashes: How do I get an amazing and mind blowing orgasm?
I’m not old enough to buy any sex toys. I don’t have a removable shower head or an electric toothbrush and I want to know if there’s any household items I could use.

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Answer by The Manpreet
Contact Pierre Woodman. He is an expert. At least google him.

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  1. use ur fingers

  2. I used to go to the YMCA, get in their pool, and hang out by the pump that shoots water into the pool. N one else said anything at the time, probably because I was just a little kid, but I'm sure they KNEW what was going on.

  3. Not by posting here, for a start.

    It depends on the person.

  4. hold your breath when you explode.....

  5. You don't really need sex toys or anything for that matter. I'm guessing from your age you live at home with family. Find a time or a place where you know you won't be disturbed. Get very relaxed and maybe even do something like take a warm bath to make you feel a little sexier. Take a little time to get to know yourself down there ... what gives you the best feelings. My best solo orgasm come when I let it build up slowly. You might look into tantric breathing exercises. I studied a few web sites and if you practice that can definitely add to the pleasure. Most importantly, get to know your body, relax, take your time and enjoy yourself.

    And save your money!!!