How do I become a sex toy saleswoman?

Question by Ness: How do I become a sex toy saleswoman?
I’m extremely into the science and anatomy of sex and love talking about it and getting people informed on how to have great sex and great self sex. I think it’d be a fun fun job to become a sex toy sales woman for sex toy parties, etc. How do I go about doing this?

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Answer by yourpassiondiva
Hi, Now is a great time to start a romance business. I am an independent Passion Parties consultant. It is a fun job, pays great too. It’s easy to get started. Find a company you want to represent. My company has been around since 1994. To get started with us you simply order a kit. We have 3 packages to choose from. Starting from $ 100 to $ 450. All are a great value and have more than double the amount in product in them. For instance the $ 250 kit has over $ 850 worth of products in it. You will need to go through someone to order the kit.That person would be your sponsor, and help you start your business off. You can have your kit to you in just days. Once you have it you can start holding parties!

I would love to help you start your new business. Check out the source information below.

Good luck to you
Karen, Executive Director Passion Parties

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