How are some ways married couples can use sex toys? Any type of sex toys, even like the ones mainly used in a ?

Question by Matthe: How are some ways married couples can use sex toys? Any type of sex toys, even like the ones mainly used in a ?
This question goes out to does who are married and use sex toys. What toys and what are some ways that u use them? I feel like that most of the toys that are made now a days are mainly used for solo acts but i know that couples could have fun with them too. Like vibartors and dildos and whatever else that are mainly used in a solo act.

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Answer by The Prophet
I am not currently married but I would not be opposed to toys as little helpers I am older and with conditions such as arthritis helping to achieve climax quicker can be a good thing. Also penetration with the additional stimulation of vibrator can make the orgasm more intense. I like costumes and “props”. Why wouldn’t it be a benefit to not put a performance pressure on satisfaction. A man pleases me when he desires that I be pleased however and whatever it takes to achieve success.

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  1. It is kinda like looking at a gun.... find the end that works my friend... they are toys, not sudoku puzzles! One end is the handle, the other isn't.... if there is no handle then both ends are for fun.

  2. My wife and I use sex toys about 90% of the time we have sex. It helps if you're into role playing,have a certain fetish or are bisexual to get the most out of them. You have this misconception that vibrators and dildos are for single person sex only. Nothing could be further from the truth. My wife owns several strap on dildos,she uses them not only with her girlfriend but on me as well. We use one of her vibrators along with my penis when she wants to be double stuffed during sex. And don't get me started on all the bondage gear we own! Rope,straps,clamps,paddles,floggers,spreaders,gags,hoods and more. My wife goes nuts with this stuff. She really gets off on being a Dominant Woman and i always seem to be bent over something.

  3. My wife and I only have two toys. A big vibrating dildo0 and the 19 year old girl next door.

  4. Sex toys are anything but a tool for just solo play. You can use them in relationships in a variety of ways. I suggest trying out penis or pussy pumps if you want increased sensation, vibrating cock rings, clit vibrators, and/or prostate massagers.

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  5. well, my boyfriend and i once did that. It was one of the most fun times ive ever had during sex. my boyfriend had put a fake dick into my pussy. We did more too, any sex toy could make it fun! Honestly, personal experiences help more than other people telling you. So have fun!

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