Do you think it is time men start investing in sex toys?

Question by I AM TOO SEXY: Do you think it is time men start investing in sex toys?
in today’s world women don’t need men for anything(excluding the lifting of heavy objects) and as we humans evolve women are becoming less and less attracted to men ,so is sex toys men’s last option

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Answer by Humag20
Women will always need their ego’s stroked and let’s face it, a woman’s whole identity revoles around the validation they receive from men. Sad but true.

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  1. Man, you are desperate. Maybe if you offer to be someones sub you'll get somewhere near a fanny.

  2. Whilst women stole mens vibrating machine idea for their sex toys, men are creating whole female robots in japan>

  3. You should get sex toys! They don't expect to cuddle afterward, they don't complain when you don't call the next day and you do not have to do their laundry, wipe thier pee off your toilet seat or fold their socks! I love sex toys...

  4. Hahaha.

    Ha. I find it interesting that you imply that men only want women for sex.

    Women, being human, still need companionship and love, regardless if its in a housewife-breadwinner scenario or a careerwoman-careerman scenario, or anything in between. Men also need companionship and love just as much.
    Besides, masturbation just isn't the same...

    But yes, plenty of men resort to sex toys and sex dolls (or even realdolls) when they grow frustrated, just as women do the same (although women don't have a realdoll equivalent yet). You would probably be surprised to know just how big the male market for sex toys is.

  5. Hell, we don't need you to lift stuff for us anymore, either. There are all kinds of devices created to help people without a lot of upper body strength do heavy lifting.

    As for the sad for you, that this is your perception of how women feel about men, generally. You must be very lonely. I assure you, most women are as attracted to men as they ever were, and the vast majority still want to be with men.

  6. Look into the fleshlight. It's fun with a partner too.

    (And I really LIKE men even if I also like women.)

  7. nah

    there are hot sexy Brazilian Shemales around

  8. I know a farmer who invented a way to grow vibrators in his field, unfortunately he now has a problem with squatters :)

  9. How do you know they don't already? Sex shops around our way were closed down buy the local council. Shops that were hidden in back streets.
    This reminds me of an old Science fiction story of how in the future, life like female androids were created for the sexual pleasure of males. But human females fought against the fact that the androids where being used as sex objects and tried to liberate them.

  10. Actually I lift heavy objects too.

    So, yes Fleshlights are quite good, sex dolls are now made of very lifelike materials.

    But if you like having sex with women, two helpful tips are not exagerrating and rethink the hat.

  11. Its an example of how amazingly successful feminism has been in creating double standards that in the West it's a sign of liberation and pride for a woman to have a sex toy, but a sign of shame and defeat for a man to have a sex toy. Same toy, different standards. Makes you wonder who the real w**kers are though, doesn't it.

  12. no fear of std, no heart pain for relationship break, no fear for cheating no need women i love sex toys.

  13. Guys are already investing in sex toys and the double standards are slowly being overturned. In 2006 alone, men "invested" in $ 3.5 million worth of Fleshlights ( ). The company had sold over 2 million of them as of a couple of years ago and that was before they were well known in the mainstream. I'm sure they're well on their way to surpass that mark by now because people are a lot more aware of them. In a much smaller scale, their brand is to men's sex toys as Kleenex is to tissues and Coke is to cola. They were even mentioned in Zack and Miri Make a Porno, which gained them a lot of attention. Where I live, they are advertised in premium spots in the entertainment newspapers and we see them promoted on the signs in big letters outside the adult shops on major thoroughfares. Run a search on Yahoo Answers for the term Fleshlight and you'll see just how many people are anonymously wanting and asking about them.

    Just about anyone who finds out about them wants one whether they'll admit it or not, and I've heard enough drunk and stoned friends admit to it to know this for sure. Guys are wired for variety and high volume. We crave sex more frequently than women and we need some form of variety. This is often expressed through variety in partners or it can be expressed through variety of sensations. Most guys, even when in truly happy sexual relationships, continue to masturbate frequently. And there are still some who masturbate frequently AND seek outside relationships. Sex toys for guys is a no brainer, but it's guys with no brain who maintain that sex toys for men is somehow a sign of being a failure. It's this same mentality that makes these same guys unaware that many women need more than vaginal penetration in order to reach orgasm.

    It tends to be the more intelligent among men and women who go for sex toys and who make their sexual happiness and wellness a priority. Unfortunately, it's not the more intelligent among men and women who are cranking out high volumes of babies and bringing them up in healthy, intelligent homes. It's the people who insist that the only way to express sexuality is through vaginal sexual intercourse who are making the most babies, and they'll ironically bring people up with unhealthy sexual attitudes.

    I see no evidence that women are becoming less attracted to men. I think men and women are all just becoming more vocal about all of their various desires and not accepting blind assumptions about their desires. These desires are not new, we're just having more dialogue about them, and this is a healthy thing. Also, as men and women become more educated about sex and take more ownership of their own sexual happiness, they are less willing to put up with inconsiderate behavior from their partners. This isn't less desire, it's just less BS, and less BS is a good thing.

  14. 1 never give up ever ready for never ready
    2 b.o.b doesn't offer after glow
    3 b.o.b doesn't get headaches
    4 b.o.b does not get pregnant
    5 woman will always need men other wise there will be no one here to take the blame.