Can you help me with some lingerie girls?

Question by Candy S: Can you help me with some lingerie girls?
Our guy roommate lost a bet with us over where Lebron James would end up playing. He was so confident, he took a bet saying he would wear womens lingerie to bed every night for 30 days. Please hook us up with some fun ideas for him to have to buy. We promise to make him wear it all. Think PINK! Show pics if you can so he can see what is coming his way! Thanks girlfriends!

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  1. Unless he wears some boyshorts, I don't think any women's underwear is going to fit him properly. Hahaha. Here's some sexy boyshorts. I have the same pair and they're absolutely to die for! Trust me, he'll love them. And if he doesn't, he's lying. I mean, how could you not :) But, he might be able to fit in some cheekies if he has....small parts :) I have the red pair :)