Are using sex toys a sin and is my libido too high?

Question by *: Are using sex toys a sin and is my libido too high?
I’m a virgin and I want to start using sex toys. Nothing extreme though. Maybe just “the rabbit” and the “silver bullet”. If you don’t know what they are, look them up, they seem to be AWESOME! I do know that me watching porn and lusting is a sin, but I’m 22 AND I NEED SOMETHING!!!! So, will adding in sex toys make it worse?

Also, is it normal for me to be horny EVERYDAY! I need something to bring my libido down lol!!

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Answer by Jack Ripper
It’s a bit odd to be 22, have normal sexual desire, and be a virgin. I don’t know whether you have emotional issues or you believe in some religious proscription against sex, or you have overbearing parents who are still supporting you.

Go ahead and use them. I don’t know what your religious tradition is, but just about every religious person would disagree with a young single women masturbating with sex toys. If you’re a mainstream Christian, it’s not a sin. There’s no rule or Bible verse that applies directly to this.

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  1. Sex is really good for bringing the hormones into check. Also, it is great for keeping physically fit. You burn many more calories in a 20 minute sex session than most people do at the gym in the same time.
    You said "sin" in your question. Do you believe in sin or does your conditioning require you to believe in sin? Sex is not a sin - if sin did exist, the only sin would be trying to convincing others that sin exists.

    Have safe sex - it makes ya less horny

  2. Do whatever you want to do!
    And I hope your waiting for that special someone! (you said you were a virgin)
    Good luckk!

  3. first off.. Any masturbation is a sin.. On the other hand, I do it every night, sometimes 5 times in a row.

  4. Try reading "For Couples Only," Shaunti Feldhahn.

    And, by Googling "Christian Sex Toys," several articles such as one at NPR and another at will show up; is a Christian sex toy outfit.

    However, it is generally best to be a virgin at marriage, to a man you respect and love.